3 Things You Should Know About Business Data Recovery

data recovery

It is easy to overlook the importance of backing up company data as other tasks of equal value in operating a business pile up on it. Nonetheless, it is vital to acknowledge that data loss can become a significant problem, resulting in delayed business operations and wasted funds. Unfortunately, even with reliable data protection plans […]

5 Myths About Data Loss That Could be a Threat to Your Business

data loss

Gathering and analysing data is one of the most crucial that any growing business needs to do if they are to ensure their survivability and success in the industry. Every responsible business owner will recognise just how powerful and indispensable data is to their operations.  However, amassing and storing huge amounts of data does have […]

Hard Drive Health: Basic Issues and How to Resolve Them

hard drive

Your computer’s hard drive is one of the essential components within its case. After all, anything you save, any programs you run, and all back-ups done involve its use. While modern hard disks are more reliable than they used to be, they still have the chance of being damaged and rendered useless. When it comes […]

3 Ways Data Privacy Protection Boosts Your Business’ Value

data privacy protection

As a company owner who is trying to survive and thrive in today?s ever-competitive business landscape, the goal of bringing value to the table will always be relevant. Although you might not necessarily be thinking about selling your business right now, the thought of doing so may come into mind down the line of ownership […]

Prioritising Data Backups: 4 Reasons Your Company Needs It

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The amount of cyberattacks are increasing in number by the day. It mostly happens due to the vulnerability of businesses adapting to unsecured networks during infrastructure upgrades. Recent research shows that over 2,440 cyberattacks happen daily on a global scale. Many of these instances are attempts to infiltrate corporate data. Protecting your company?s files through […]

4 Important Components of Data Protection and Recovery

Data security

Data protection and recovery are essential aspects of any comprehensive business continuity plan. That is because without saving data and protecting it, companies will have a massive challenge ahead of them to continue operating. In fact, after data loss, some businesses may never be able to recover. That said, a variety of reasons can cause […]

Backups for your home or business

The importance of backups In this digital age data backups are imperative. Without data backups you run the risk of losing some, or even all, of your precious data. There are multiple ways of backing up your data and files. There is also options to only backup necessary files to avoid delays with speed on […]

Keeping Your Computer Clean – Drive-by Downloads

protect against computer viruses

Have you ever downloaded something from the internet thinking it was from a secure website but ended up with a mountain of malicious programs and popups? The most likely cause for this is Drive-by Downloads. Somehow you’ve been tricked into receiving more than you originally bargained for. The internet is full of wild and wonderful […]