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Is Your PC Not Working Properly?

PCs and desktops still own the gold standard of performance and many people prefer desktops instead of laptops for powerful processing, amazing gaming experience, and immense strength for multitasking. 

In today’s fast-paced world, it can get incredibly frustrating to find some hiccups in your trusty desktop’s performance, especially when you have a lot of deadlines or game schedules.

Troubleshooting a PC that is not working can uncover a mix of potential issues. Our PC repair specialists have the experience to help you identify the most common problems that break computers without the hassle of you having to try different things. 

Let no PC or desktop issue stop you. Consult with us today to help you with any urgent PC repairs. We’ll even come to your location with our mobile PC repair service!

Benefits of our PC Repair Services

We value our customer’s satisfaction so much that we can assure you of the following benefits if you engage with our services for your PC needs: 

  • Expert Repairs
  • No Fix, No Fee Guarantee
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We are incredibly passionate about helping our customers have better and longer-lasting PCs!


Desktop Computer Repairs

Did you know that there are many types of desktop computer repairs? It is not just about the components. There are also specific variations depending on the purpose of your desktop machine. 

Just like people that have distinct personalities, PC brands have their own respective quirks and considerations when you are attempting to repair them.

Desktop manufacturers sometimes install additional software or hardware, or they create other customisations that impact the way you can fix any of their machines. 

Knowing or being familiar with each brand’s optimal way of repair is essential to ensure that you are not adding problems leading to a machine being beyond repair. 

At Mobile PC Pro, we’re able to deploy specialists to your location, and we assign the issue to those who are experienced in fixing the brand of your PC.

PC Brands We Repair

Here are some of the brands our expert specialists handle: 

  • Mac Repairs
  • HP Repairs
  • Lenovo Repairs
  • Dell Repairs
  • Asus Repairs

PC Components We Repair

PC components are a dime a dozen. It can get really confusing, and in some cases, you may be dealing with damage from multiple components in your rig. That’s why we also repair: 

  • Motherboards
  • GPU Graphics Cards
  • Monitors
  • CPUs
  • Power Supplies
  • Cooling Devices
  • Storage and Memory (SDD & HDD) 
  • Input Device Issues (Mouse, Keyboard, etc.)

Custom PC Repairs

Custom PCs are glorious. They usually are tailor-made to fit your needs by identifying the specs that you need for the build, and the expert puts together the appropriate components for you. 

However, when your custom PC stops working, you don’t have the benefit of accessing information that you can easily search online the way you do with out-of-the-box laptops or desktop machines. 

The errors of custom PC repairs are as unique as each machine. You need a really well-trained specialist, like the experts on our team, to make sure you are replacing or repairing the right computer parts.

Gaming PC Repairs

PC repairs are particularly painful for gamers. Nothing beats the bliss of uninterrupted gaming fun. Sometimes it can get cut short by a need to visit the nearest PC repair shop. 

You will be back to your full gaming form in no time with our experts after they visit your home and check your hardware thoroughly. 

Gaming PC repairs can require a lot of heavy processing, especially since your machine is likely rigged with custom graphics and audio cards. These are primarily the culprits in common gaming PC issues. 

Our experts will let you know if it is still a good idea to continue with your gaming PC components or if a replacement is a more practical option.

PC Component Upgrades

Just like people that need to constantly improve themselves over time, your PC may also be ready for some upgrades. 

Your rig from 2 years ago is now suboptimal and has experienced some wear and tear of components. 

Component upgrade decisions best come with expert opinion. There may be a fancy new graphics card in town, but an expert in your PC’s build will be able to tell you if that new graphics card is compatible with the rest of the components in your PC. 

What you need are options that are presented with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, our PC repair service includes that assistance as well.

Mobile PC & Desktop Repairs Near You

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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on our experts’ combined experience in repairing PCs, we have combined some of the most frequently asked questions that customers ask when they encounter a PC need or issue.

Why is My PC Desktop Not Working All of a Sudden?

There are many potential reasons. A bunch of diagnostic tests are done by our experts to find the exact cause to make sure the right thing is being fixed. We usually isolate each component and test them before making any conclusions. Note that components coming from specific brands have unique ways of handling as well.

What is the Lifespan of a Desktop Computer?

There is no single blanket answer for a desktop computer’s lifespan. It depends on the heaviness of your usage, and as a hardware-powered machine also relies on how well you care for it. 

You can have a really mean custom build that lasts you 2 years with intense gaming and video processing. Alternatively, you can have a steady desktop that you use for light computer work that can last 6-8 years.

Do Desktops Last Longer Than Laptops?

Traditionally, desktops outlast laptops. However, they do not have the portability of a laptop that comes in handy during travel and other activities requiring constant mobility.

Is it Easier to Repair a Desktop or Laptop?

Neither can be considered easier than the other. Desktops have the ease of separating components which may not be the case with laptops (as some components in a laptop are compressed to allow it to be a certain size).

Why are PC Repairs so Expensive?

PC repairs cost a bit more than laptops because PCs have a lot of moving parts on the inside that need thorough inspection before you attempt to repair them. The years of experience of our desktop repair experts allow you to have access to their experience in fixing all types of computers the best way possible.

Need PC Repair Services Near You?

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