Asus Laptop Repairs

Asus laptops are leading the branded computer arena with their versatility, powerful features, and highly functional specs for a reasonable price. It’s no surprise that Asus is a common favourite among people who need a no frills device that packs all the features without breaking the bank. 

But that doesn’t protect Asus users from faults in their computers. If you’re looking for Asus computer repair so you can get more mileage out of your machine, we’ve got you covered!

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Asus Computer Repair

Asus laptops have their own unique signature requirements and repairing them is different to repairing other popular brands. Not all laptop brands function (and malfunction) in the same way. 

That’s why it is essential for any Asus computer user to get to know the quirks and risk factors of purchasing a new Asus laptop or setting it up for the very first time. 

Compared to other brands, Asus computers seem to have more public reports on voltage issues affecting overall performance. This is something you need to watch as it can damage the battery more quickly if not attended to. 

However, most of the nuances of repairing Asus computers are not DIY-friendly for most non-technical users. Expert laptop advice is advised and at Mobile PC Pro, we have many Asus repair experts who are experienced with this particular brand and ready to help you out.

Asus Computer Setup

Setting up your Asus computer or desktop for the first time can seem daunting. Whether it’s for home use or in your school or office, we can help you get set up.

As part of the preliminary set up, our service includes connecting the machine and installing the right operating system for your needs.

If you require more advanced capabilities, we can dual boot an Asus machine with a Windows and Linux operating system. Handling such tasks carries some risk and can affect your machine’s ability to be appropriately repaired down the track. That’s why we suggest you call our experts to get your Asus computer set up correctly from the get-go.

Common Asus Laptop or Asus PC Problems

Damage DC Input to Motherboard

The damaged DC input to the motherboard is a predominant electric wiring issue with Asus computers. Unfortunately, this issue can sometimes cause tremendous and irreparable damage to the motherboard. 

Additional special troubleshooting tools need to be used to isolate this particular problem. If your motherboard has sustained some damage, we may not be able to repair your machine on the spot, and it is likely we may also need to order new parts to help fix your Asus PC.

Flickering Screen or Black Screen of Death

The black screen of death is considered scary by most people and even Asus computers are not immune to this. There are many potential causes of the black screen of death. It is essential not to self-diagnose this because you will need a series of tests to determine which component is malfunctioning and causing the black screen of death or flickers in your screen. 

So if you’re in need of Asus screen repairs or want us to figure out what’s causing the problem, reach out today, and we’ll come to your location to have a look.

Cooling Issues

Although not as severe as the overheating issues observed in other brands, such as HP, Asus computers can also turn up the heat! Especially if they have very powerful features that you activate in activities like heavy gaming, massive computing, data science projects, and image or video processing.

If you notice your Asus getting quite hot, reach out to our team for a solution. It may be as simple as getting a cooling pad or there may be an issue with the internal fan. 

Either way, we can help prevent damage to other components due to excessive heat.

Voltage Issues

Voltage issues can also cause a problem for your Asus computer. However, it is not just the irregular and occasional voltage surges from the power source that can wreak havoc on your Asus laptop. 

You can also find your Asus laptop or computer having some haywire voltage regulation from the inside, which might keep it from properly powering up your laptop or computer.

Inverter Issues

A subcomponent of usual voltage issues for Asus computers is when the inverter is broken or directing the current differently than predicted. You might need to change something in the circuit or replace it altogether if this is the case.

Asus Laptop Prevention and Care Tips

Your Asus laptop or PC can thrive and last longer than usual with some care tips. Here are some things you can do. 

  • Do not overcharge the battery. 
  • Make sure you employ energy savers.
  • Use a UPS or voltage regulator for the machine in case of power surges. 
  • Turn off the machine during extreme weather disturbances.
  • Clean your computer of debris.


Ultimately, you can also consult an expert and book a call with us today at Mobile PC Pro to learn more about your problems with your Asus laptop or PC.

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