Prioritising Data Backups: 4 Reasons Your Company Needs It

The amount of cyberattacks are increasing in number by the day. It mostly happens due to the vulnerability of businesses adapting to unsecured networks during infrastructure upgrades. Recent research shows that over 2,440 cyberattacks happen daily on a global scale. Many of these instances are attempts to infiltrate corporate data.

Protecting your company?s files through data backups

Although large enterprises have more information and data, small- and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable targets as well. Since most companies are going digital in the 21st century, it?s a requirement for entrepreneurs to implement data security protocols for their online interactions. Among the best ways to protect your online data is to implement data backups for your system. It?s a viable way to index your digital data before changing your infrastructure.

If you?re not sure if you should commit to data backups, here are four reasons why your company needs to do it regularly:

1. Strong data security is necessary for any business

It?s common for small business owners to think that hackers won?t target them if they?re just local businesses. However, these are enterprises that usually receive attacks. Your unwillingness to upgrade your system from network security solutions to strong firewall configurations can be your business?s demise.

Nationwide Insurance?s research reveals that over 68% of SMBs don?t have a disaster recovery plan, which makes them vulnerable to everyday data attacks. Handling a growing company means that you should think of precautions on every emergency, from a disruption in your product line to a secondary supplier. This backup solution also applies to your data.

2. Preventative measures won?t always work

A recent report in CNN notes that an average small business that receives threats of ransomware loses over $100,000 in downtime. Ransomware is one of the many ways that malicious individuals threaten small companies to gain a quick buck. You can be a victim of DDoS attacks, supply chain interruptions and more.

Understandably, your business can?t have all the right protection against the numerous ways you can lose your data. This is why data backups are necessary, not as a last resort but as a primary line of defence. The next best type of protection is to have reliable backup data to protect your business?s and clients? information.

3. Broken hardware is replaceable; lost data isn?t

Besides online threats, you can also lose your valuable data when you experience natural disasters. You can replace hardware and other physical components of your operations. However, the data inside them should be in a safe place as a backup. Moving your on-premises to cloud systems increases your business?s flexibility in handling data.

4. Losing data also loses client trust

Businesses with no backup plans for data loss are at extreme risk of losing their customer base. If you fail to protect your clients? data, you will develop a bad reputation to halt your organisation?s productivity. It will impact both your sales figures and the willingness of your employees to use compromised internal systems.


Protecting your business?s assets is crucial in maintaining your company’s operations, regardless of what industry you?re in. As the consumer market moves toward a more digital economy, brands and service providers must upgrade their security and protection against modern threats.

Upgrading your business’s infrastructure is an excellent way to develop a reliable backup system to protect it against modern threats. If you?re looking for IT services in the Gold Coast, our professional technicians can help. Book an appointment with our IT experts today, and we?ll make sure to protect your business?s data security!