Computer Worm: Why Is it More Dangerous Than a Virus?

Did your computer suddenly freeze? Or perhaps, you notice a lag in performance. This can be annoying and can throw you into panic mode when you have so many things to do. When these things happen, the first thing people think is that their computer is infected by a virus. But it’s not always like this, because it could be a worm. 

Yes, there’s a computer worm, and that’s what we’ll discuss in this post. 

Computer Worm: What Is It? 

A computer worm is a malware that self-replicates and infects networks based on vulnerabilities. It is dangerous because it doesn’t need any human interaction; instead, it works by scanning for vulnerabilities and exploiting them. With that, they can spread quickly and what’s worse? It could go on for some time without you being aware of them on your computer. 

Worms can spread through various ways, such as phishing emails or emails with attachments. Moreover, worms can spread through shared networks easily. For example, this happens when you connect to a Wi-Fi, and the worms on your computer can spread on the networks. As a result, they can cause devastating effects. 

Back in 2001, the Code Red Mountain Dew, a worm, has caused devastating effects, which is why it became popular. It infiltrated Microsoft IIS web servers through vulnerabilities in which it replicated itself a lot of times that overworked the system’s resources. Eventually, the worm got into the website of the White House with a trademark pop-up message,” Hacked by Chinese!” 

Worm vs. Virus

So, what’s the difference between a worm and a virus? Viruses need human interaction to trigger the replication process, while worms don’t need human interaction. 

How to Protect Your Computer from a Worm

The best way to prevent a worm from entering your computer system is to ensure you have all securities in place. Install antivirus software and firewalls. Make sure to set reminders to ensure you don’t miss any software updates and patches. Most of the time, worms and viruses are able to get through because you missed an update or a patch. It’s easy to forget these things, which is why it’s crucial you set reminders for them. 

When it comes to using the internet, make sure to think twice before you open any attachments or download files from suspicious websites. Be mindful of the sites and buttons you click on the internet; otherwise, you could fall victim to a computer worm that can cause a lot of problems. 


Computer worms are scary, and they can have devastating effects. Knowing what a computer worm is is crucial as it’s different from a virus. As mentioned, worms can easily spread, and what makes it even more dangerous is that it doesn’t require human interaction at all. Have computer security at all times, such as firewalls and software, to ensure your device has maximum protection at all times. If you don’t know how to do this, you can always seek professional help. 

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