Laptop Repairs

Is your laptop not working? Have an expert laptop repair technician visit your location today! 

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Is Your Laptop Not Working Properly?

If you’re having trouble with fixing your laptop, we can help! 

There’s quite a lot that can go wrong with a laptop. Parts can break or start failing after some time; performance can decrease, and, worst of all, you could be stuck with a laptop that just doesn’t switch on.

We offer various laptop repair services to get your device back up and running in no time!

Our experts have over 10 years of experience, and there’s nothing we haven’t seen. We’ll even come to your location. If we can’t fix the problem, you won’t pay us a cent with our “No Fix, No Fee” guarantee.

Laptop Brands We Repair

We work with all major brands and can offer:

  • Asus Repairs
  • Dell Repairs
  • HP Repairs
  • Lenovo Repairs
  • Apple Repairs
  • And more!

Laptop Components We Repair

If you’re experiencing a specific issue with a component of your laptop, we can fix that too! Common repairs and upgrades we make on computer components include:

  • Hard Drive Repairs
  • Motherboard Repairs
  • Graphic Card Repairs
  • CPU Repairs
  • GPU Repairs
  • Fan Repairs 

Laptop Screen Replacements

At Mobile PC Pro, we’re specialists when it comes to laptop screen and hinge repairs. So if you’ve cracked, smashed or damaged your laptop screen, reach out to us pronto! 

We offer:

  • LCD laptop screen repairs & replacements
  • LED laptop screen repairs & replacements
  • Retina laptop screen repairs & replacements
All we need is the model number of your laptop to send you a free quote.

Laptop Battery Replacements

The most common issues with laptop batteries include:

  • Overheating battery
  • Swollen laptop battery
  • Battery isn’t holding charge
  • Battery won’t charge at all
  • Battery dies fast
  • Laptop battery drains even when plugged in
  • Laptop won’t switch on


It is not uncommon for laptop batteries to need replacing after a few years. A quick replacement can save you the cost of having to buy a completely new laptop! 

Benefits of Our Laptop Repair Services

There are many reasons why you should get your laptop repaired before you consider buying a brand new one. At the top of the list, you save money… besides, if we can’t fix your laptop, you won’t pay us a cent. Guaranteed!

Here are a few other inclusions and benefits of our laptop repair services that you may not know about:

    • Hard drive replacement
    • Hardware diagnostics
    • Data recovery
    • Upgrading SSD & memory
    • Microsoft Windows repairs
    • Email setup & diagnosis
    • Blue screen repairs
    • RAM replacement
    • Virus, malware and spyware removal
    • Operating system installations


We Fix Laptops: Mobile Laptop Repairs Near You

Our clients love that we come to their location and can fix most laptop problems on the spot. We have a large service area between Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed Heads.

For more information on all of the areas we offer our mobile services in, visit our Gold Coast Computer Repairs page.

Laptop Repair FAQs

Is It Worth Fixing a Laptop or Buying a New One?

Most of the time, a laptop repair will be the most cost-effective solution. As a rule of thumb, if the cost of the repair is less than 50% of the price to buy a new laptop, it’ll be worth getting it repaired. 

What Causes a Laptop to Crash?

Laptops crash due to frequent overheating, operating system (OS) errors or failing hardware components. It’s more likely for a laptop to crash due to OS errors, and these are the ones we tend to fix most of the time.

However, if your laptop is crashing due to hardware errors, it is likely to mean you’ll need to replace a specific component. Unfortunately, diagnosing which part is causing the issue is much harder to do since computer crashes of this nature are more intermittent and less consistent.

Either way, we’ll find the problem and let you know whether it’s an easy fix or if you’re better off buying a new laptop instead.

What Are Common Issues Laptops Experience That Can Be Repaired?

The most common laptop issues that can easily be repaired include:

  • Broken screen
  • Battery not holding charge
  • Replacing failing components
  • Re-installing the operating system
  • Data recovery
  • Virus removals
We can also perform preventative maintenance services to help you experience maximum performance and speed.

Is It Safe to Have a Laptop Repaired?

Yes, it is safe to have a laptop repaired by one of our expert laptop repair technicians. However, we do not advise you to DIY your laptop repairs as that could lead to severe complications.

If you’re worried about your data privacy, there’s no need. We guarantee that we never steal clients’ data or access it unless it is required for the job we’re hired to do.

Need Laptop Repair Services Near You?

Get in touch with our friendly team of laptop repair experts. We’ll visit your location and can usually fix most problems on the spot!