Dell Computer & Laptop Repairs

Dell laptops are sleek and elegant and offer great design and performance options. That’s why a dedicated segment of IT professionals prefer the value for money Dell laptops provide their end users. 

However, as with all types of computers, even Dell machines aren’t without their own set of problems. If your computer is facing issues, contact our team of experts for mobile Dell repairs across the Gold Coast.

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Our Dell Computer Repair Services

We have you covered no matter what’s going on with your Dell laptop or desktop.

The first point of call is to see if your computer is still covered by warranty. We can step in and assist if it is beyond the warranty period. 

When looking for Dell computer repair services, you need to check if they have resident experts who can adeptly handle Dell computers. Of course, every computer brand is different, but at Mobile PC Pro, we have been trained to handle specific brands and have the expertise to repair your Dell computer. 

Our track record of fixing Dell machines means we can diagnose issues faster and easier. It also means we can get you back up and running soon!

Common Dell Computer Problems We Fix

Display Flickers and Black Screen

The dreaded black screen of death is a frequently reported issue with most brands of computers. Sometimes, though, it can just be a monitor issue that involves annoying display flickers. When this happens, you may not need a new screen. Instead, it could be as simple as replacing old components or improving the performance of your computer. 

However, there are also moments when a black screen or a flickering screen is a sign of a malfunctioning monitor that either needs repair or complete replacement. In either case, we’ve got you covered and can often help you avoid the cost of having to buy a completely new computer.

Battery Failure

Battery failure is also common with most brands of laptops. With Dell, battery issues aren’t as apparent as with other brands, like HP, that are known for their bloated batteries. But it is something that you need to be mindful of constantly. 

Battery failures will result in not being able to start your computer without being plugged into the outlet. Eventually, even keeping your laptop plugged may not be enough for the battery to hold charge. That’s where we can step in and help you replace the battery and improve the performance of your computer as soon as possible.

Fan Failures, Heat Sink Problems and Ventilation

If you find your Dell computer or laptop is overheating, it could be due to a number of reasons. This tends to be a gradual problem that builds up over time without knowing it.

If you’ve noticed your laptop overheating or you suspect the fan in your computer isn’t functioning as it should, it’s always worth getting it checked out by an expert. Our experts can replace the heat sink and fan in your Dell computer.

Dell Motherboard Problems

Motherboard problems are the most severe and costly of the many problems a Dell computer can have. 

Motherboard issues typically warrant a replacement, but if you are diligent with your computer maintenance, you can save yourself some high costs down the line! Having an expert also check your computer can help you rule out whether there is anything else at fault before you rush ahead and buy a new motherboard.

Either way, at Mobile PC Pro, we’re known for our no fix, no fee guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by allowing us to take a look and diagnose the issue your Dell is facing.

Need Your Dell Computer Setup From Scratch?

If you’ve bought a new Dell (or a few for your office), we can also help with setting up all the software you need. We can also help you build a custom Dell computer with all your desired specs.

Whether you’re a gamer or need heavy-duty computer processing for work, we can help. The first step is to match the functionality and your usage requirements against the specs of your computer and your available budget.

For example, if you mostly watch videos and create documents for school or work, you can get away with a standard setup. But if you need heavy duty processing power or want to level up some of the core specs, we can hook up your computer or laptop with additional RAM, an upgraded video card, and more.

Dell Laptop Prevention and Care Tips

Above all, Dell computers can last a very long time with some proper maintenance. Here are some things you can do to help you get the most out of your Dell:

  • Do not overcharge the battery. 
  • Make sure you use energy savers.
  • Use a UPS or voltage regulator for the machine in case of power surges. 
  • Turn off your computer during extreme weather disturbances.
  • Clean your computer of debris frequently.


You can also consult with our experts and book a call with us today to learn more about how to fix your Dell issues.

Need Urgent Dell Computer Repairs on the Gold Coast?

At Mobile PC Pro, we come to your location, whether that is your home or work. We can fix all kinds of issues with Dell computers and laptops, and we’re sure to be able to fix yours in no time! Of course, if it’s beyond repair, you can always rely on our no fix, no fee guarantee.