5 Myths About Data Loss That Could be a Threat to Your Business

Gathering and analysing data is one of the most crucial that any growing business needs to do if they are to ensure their survivability and success in the industry. Every responsible business owner will recognise just how powerful and indispensable data is to their operations. 

However, amassing and storing huge amounts of data does have its own sets of challenges. Your stored information, which contains all your clients’ data, exists at the mercy of the storage solutions you choose. The problem is, there’s a lot of misinformation going around about how storage solutions and data protection actually work, which could potentially harm your business. That’s why experts on computer repairs in the Gold Coast area recommend that educating yourself of these misconceptions is important. Mobile PC Pro brings you some of the myths surrounding data recovery that you should be aware of.

Myth #1: Small businesses are less likely to be a target

Many business owners feel that anonymity and their small size can protect them from any targeted cyberattack. The truth is, no matter how big or small your business is, you can all be targeted. In fact, smaller businesses are actually easy targets of cyber attackers since they usually have limited IT resources and less sophisticated cybersecurity defences. If you really want to be protected, you know to put up enough defences and countermeasures so you’re not vulnerable to any attacks.

Myth #2: We don’t have any data of high value

Every name, credit card info, address, or contact numbers from your clients and business partners is considered valuable pieces of information. Did you know that credit card info can fetch up to $5 per record on the black market, while any personally identifiable information (PII) from clients and employees could cost a lot more? This is why hackers are always on the prowl for those people and businesses that are vulnerable to these kinds of attacks.

Myth #3: Having cloud backups is enough to keep our data safe

Cloud-based applications have their own security measure, but they’re not exactly invulnerable to attacks. If a hacker happens to target you and your data in the cloud, you’re more likely to lose everything and compromise all your client’s information. Without other forms of backup, data deleted in the cloud is no different from data deleted from an on-premises server.

Myth #4: Antivirus software is more than enough to protect our data

While antivirus software does indeed offer some protection, it’s never enough to rely on just that and put your entire business at risk. With the wide array of sophisticated cyber threats out there, you’re going to need a lot more security measures in place than just typical antivirus software.

Myth #5: There’s no cause to be alarmed about data loss just yet

You have to understand that no security solution in existence is 100% foolproof, so you always have to be ready for the worst. Data loss isn’t just about being attacked by external threats. They can be as simple as an accidental click of the mouse by an untrained employee. It’s best to be prepared for any possible scenario, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Experiencing data breaches and data loss can be painful and costly. Some businesses even fail to recover from the damage that was done to their network infrastructure and the loss of trust from their clients. If you want to protect your business from the worst possible outcome, you need to take data loss seriously.

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