What to Know About Resolving Microsoft’s Printing Problems

As normalised as technology has been, technologies aren’t immune to malfunction and other issues. This is applicable to all sorts of innovations and appliances, including your trusty printer. Once it starts malfunctioning or doesn’t produce prints like it used to, there can be noticeable effects on the final print’s quality, whether on school files, brochures, or business reports. 

However, sometimes the problem isn’t with the printer but actually with the operating system of the computer you’re using. The problem won’t be remedied by getting an upgraded printer, but rather by assessing the situation itself. 

Microsoft has had a bit of a printing issue in the past. If you encounter a problem with your OS, contact a qualified computer repair technician that will be able to help you. Here’s what you need to know about the printing problem and how to resolve them:

Where It Started

Microsoft’s Windows was a real catalyst to computer use and capabilities. It allowed people to keep files, run software, access the internet and more. Since its launch, many updates have been made, but computers installed with various versions of Windows 10 seemed to cause a complication with printing. 

The bug usually makes the whole screen blue, gaining the term Blue Screen of Death or BSOD for short. The bug would be accommodated with a flash of text that says Stop code: APC_INDEX_MISMATCH and What failed: win32kfull.sys. for a couple of seconds. 

Within the same month of that issue showing up on Windows 10, an update was launched. The update needs to be downloaded to rectify the BSOD issue. A computer technician should be able to help guide the user through the process.

What to Click

Essentially, what’s needed is to stop Microsoft’s initial Cumulative Update KB5000802 on Windows 10, an update that’s coded as KB5001649. This update causes the BSOD and the printer’s inability to print. Navigate your way through the settings to arrive at the Windows 10 Update server, which should hold a record of all downloadable updates available.

Once you spot KB5001649, be sure to download and install it on your computer. If it’s not available on the Update server, manually search for it on Microsoft’s website. Download a version so that you will keep tabs on any future updates that might be of some use to your computer.

How to Prevent

The best method of prevention for the bug is by regularly pausing updates that might cause the flaws to come in. That way, Microsoft will be dealing with the issues long before they ever come onto your computer.

You can wait for the pop-up window to pause the update, or you can also set it in the Updates and Security tab of your Settings. Press the text Pause updates for 7 days and change the date for as long as you need, adding a 7 for each week regarding the updates. 


By following these steps and getting the update needed, the printing problems should definitely be gone. If you’re still going through issues even with getting the download, or you just need an expert to handle the problem for you, get in touch with a qualified technician. 

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