Backups for your home or business

The importance of backups

In this digital age data backups are imperative. Without data backups you run the risk of losing some, or even all, of your precious data. There are multiple ways of backing up your data and files. There is also options to only backup necessary files to avoid delays with speed on your system.


Methods of backups

Backups can be stored on a local drive or in the ‘cloud’. Generally, local backups are stored on an external hard drive or server that is either connected to your computer or your computer’s network. Local backups are convenient for larger size files as they do not rely on the computers internet speed unlike cloud backups. However, in the extreme case of a natural disaster where physical damage is present, local backups can perish alongside your computer. This is why cloud backups have become increasingly popular. The main restriction with cloud backups is file size and having to ‘pay for’ excess data limits.


Best solutions to prevent data loss

The most efficient way to protect data would be to utilise both local and cloud backups. Backing up your entire system using a disk clone to your external device gives you the easiest restoration solutions whilst having specific critical data backed up to the cloud simultaneously. There are many different platforms that host free cloud storage up to a certain size.


What is disk cloning?

Disk cloning is the act of cloning the contents of a computer’s hard drive. The contents are typically saved as a disk image file and generally transferred to another device, which could be another computer’s hard drive or an external hard drive.


Purposes of disk cloning include:

-System recovery, for example to return a hard drive to its original configuration after serious problems.

-Recreating your system configuration on a new computer.

-To return a system to an original configuration with no personal data before selling or giving a computer away.

-Ghost imaging is another name for disk cloning.


What are ‘cloud’ backups

Cloud backups are where a copy of data is sent over the internet and stored in a server. These are also known as an online backup. Once data has been stored on a server, it is accessible and can be shared amongst multiple users.

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