Keeping Your Computer Clean – Drive-by Downloads

Have you ever downloaded something from the internet thinking it was from a secure website but ended up with a mountain of malicious programs and popups? The most likely cause for this is Drive-by Downloads.

Somehow you’ve been tricked into receiving more than you originally bargained for. The internet is full of wild and wonderful things but you need to know what downloads to trust and what to evade.

What are Drive-by Downloads and how do they affect your computer?

Drive by Downloads are a method that hackers use to infiltrate your device by making you unintentionally or unwillingly download malicious software in the shadows of what you initially intended to receive.

This unwanted software can corrupt, slow and also spy on your personal information on the device that it’s attached itself to.

Visiting untrustworthy websites can land you in deep water with mischievous code downloaded without your knowledge, even something as innocent as google search can direct you there.

What do Drive by Downloads look like?

Drive by Downloads are often hard to recognise and are intentionally camouflaged. Certain websites may actually offer the content you’re looking for, but, there may be strings attached. Sometimes you’re prompted to download third party programs which can be unnecessary, pointless and compromising.

Generally, this ‘extra’ software is promoted to the user as helpful tool, which in reality is not and can be illusive with their intentions.

Have you ever had something flash before you whilst browsing the internet stating ‘your computer is at risk, scan now for vulnerabilities’ or something similar?

These forms of Drive by downloads are called ‘exploit kits’

Exploit kits trick their victims into thinking there could potentially be an issue with their device when realistically there might be none at hand.

Downloading these malignant programs in hope to repair any newfound concern is generally more detrimental to your device than prior to the fabricated warning.

Within the past few years, cybercriminals have found ways to infect targets with malicious software without user interaction.

Unfortunately, anyone is at risk BUT there are preventative methods you can use to keep yourself protected.

How can I protect myself?

At this day and age, it is essential to have constant internet security running on your device. Many well-known companies offer free versions of anti-virus and anti-malware software that will deliver you a first line of defence. Some of these programs not only offer you scanning tools for your device but also real-time defence against invasive content.

In our experience, ‘AVG’ is one of the most efficient and effective programs for locating and destroying this unwanted content. The AVG Technology developers realeased a free to use version of their antivirus software which protects and monitors your device free of charge.

In the event that you feel you have been the victim of Drive by downloads or any other malicious content, Mobile PC Pro are here to help!