Two Simple Steps to Speed up Your Slow PC’s Performance

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A slow computer can be one of the worst nightmares you can have during this work-from-home period. In today’s time, a sluggish website can already test one’s patience. Imagine how much worse it is for the whole device to slow down. It can affect the work that needs to be done and the mood and […]

Tips on How to Properly Handle Typical Computer Issues

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Computer issues are not entirely new, and unfortunately, their timing is usually pretty tough. This is particularly inconvenient for people who use their computers for work and other important matters. Thankfully, there are a number of problems with computers that can be addressed well enough. Read on for tips on how to properly handle typical […]

3 Important Reasons You Should Always Upgrade Your Software

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With the advent of technology, new software platforms have made their way towards consumers and professionals hoping to accomplish their jobs conveniently. While they all vary in features and functionality, they have one thing in common—upgrades. The need for an upgrade arises when the software can longer function the way it does due to a […]

Is Your PC Windows 11-Ready: Things to Consider for the OS

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Windows 10 remains the default operating system in many PCs. But Microsoft has recently announced that Windows 11 is officially coming later this year. With features like the centred Start button, Microsoft wants to reimagine how an operating system should look. According to Microsoft, everyone who currently runs a Windows 10 operating system should get […]

3 Upgrades That Will Improve Your Computer’s Performance

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Are you ripping your hair out trying to figure out why your computer is so slow? If your computer is old, chances are you need to upgrade it. There are many different upgrades you can do to your computer, each affecting it in various ways. If you are willing to burn some cash and upgrade […]

Five Windows 10 features you probably didn’t know about

1. Easily check your storage for apps and files Don’t we always receive the notification about low disk space at the most inconvenient of times. A very handy feature in Windows 10 allows us to do what we have been doing with our smartphones for years now, easily check and clean up our storage. No […]

Motherboard compatibility


There are many hardware components that make up your computer. One of the main components is called the motherboard. The motherboard acts as a connector for all hardware to connect to and communicate with one another. The motherboard allocates power and communication between the central processing unit, random access memory and any other hardware components […]

Should you make the move to windows 10?

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Are you stuck deciding whether you should make the change from windows 7 to windows 10? Microsoft have announced that support for windows 7 will deplete by January 14, 2020. What does this mean?

Computer Cooling

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Why is it important to keep a computer cool? Computers use electric impulses to function. The harder a computer works, the more impulses are sent through. Energy creates heat and impulses slow down as a computer climbs in temperature. This can cause impulses to not arrive correctly which can lead to corruption or crash. The […]

The importance of a healthy Hard Disk Drive

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What is a Hard disk drive (HDD)? A hard disk drive acts as the temporal lobe of your computer. It is a spinning disk that stores your data in binary code using magnetism. This device stores the software of the computer including the files created by the software. These sorts of files include your pictures, […]