Five Windows 10 features you probably didn’t know about

Five Windows 10 features you probably didn't know about 13

1. Easily check your storage for apps and files

Don’t we always receive the notification about low disk space at the most inconvenient of times. A very handy feature in Windows 10 allows us to do what we have been doing with our smartphones for years now, easily check and clean up our storage. No more grueling hours spent scrolling through lists of programs and files.

Simply click the Start button on your desktop and search for Storage.  After choosing the drive letter you want to explore, a graphical overview of your used space will be displayed.

You can even customise and automate Windows 10 Storage to free up space for you. To do this, use the Start button on your desktop to search for Storage then under PC Settings, select Storage.  Under the Storage sense menu, ensure the toggle is set to On, and click Change how we free up space automatically.  You can choose settings such as when Storage sense will activate, and how to deal with temporary files.


2. Sticky notes 

If you’re like kind of person how likes to keep themselves visually organised then this is a great feature for you.  No more having to use Notepad or other word processing programs to create clunky files just for a quick note.  Windows Sticky Notes is an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing way to keep on top of your everyday reminders.

Microsoft Sticky Notes is available from the Microsoft Store.

Once installed, you can access the app through the start menu:

Start menu > Search Sticky Notes > Select Sticky Notes from search results


3. Access your clipboard history

Did you used to get frustrated that you could only recall the last image you saved to your clipboard.  Finally, Windows 10 allows you to easily work with your full clipboard, keeping your temporary images in one place.  See what you’ve copied, pin frequently used items and even sync your clipboard across multiple devices.

To get to your clipboard settings:

Start > PC Settings > System > Clipboard history > Ensure toggle is set to On.


4. Don’t get distracted, use Focus Assist

Previously known as do-not-disturb mode, but now with a few more handy features.

Priority only allows you to add apps to a priority list, with the rest being sent to your Action Center.
Alarms only hides all notifications, apart from alarms. You can also set an automatic time range for when Focus assist is active.

Start menu > PC Settings > Find a setting > Type Focus assist settings


5. The emoji keyboard

Don’t we all love Emojis.  They add that little bit extra to what we are trying to convey with text alone.  Windows 10 really caters to the modern culture of communication.

Windows key + full stop.  Enjoy!