Motherboard compatibility

There are many hardware components that make up your computer. One of the main components is called the motherboard. The motherboard acts as a connector for all hardware to connect to and communicate with one another. The motherboard allocates power and communication between the central processing unit, random access memory and any other hardware components in the system.

Motherboard form factor

Form factor is shorthand for the physical dimensions of a motherboard. To be sure that a certain board will fit into a computer tower, you’ll need to know which of the board form factors the case supports.

What are the most common motherboards?

The most common motherboard on the shelves in your local computer shops are ATX, MicroATX, and Mini-ITX. ATX known as standard ATX. ATX boards generally measure at 9.625×12 inches. In most mid-large computer towers, this is what you will find.

Micro and Mini towers

Minitowers generally support boards of the Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX boards. Micro-ATX boards measure up to 9.625 inches square and have less slots than the ATX board. Usually enough to install a video card and a secondary card. For a tighter PC build, the 6.75 inch Mini-ITX offers a smaller case size requirement but is limited with expansion slots.

Keep in mind that most PC cases that are designed for certain motherboards can support smaller form factors. Always check that the specifications of your motherboard will suit your case before purchasing or building your computer.

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