The Dangers of Trojan Viruses for Mac Users and How to Fight It

For the longest time, people who owned Apple’s Mac product line have argued that they have picked the device simply because they did not have to worry about viruses or malware. In fact, many businesses of today rely on the Mac, believing that same claim! Even Apple themselves have made ads guaranteeing that their computers will not get a virus. 

Unfortunately, the real world will have it otherwise. We regret to inform you that if you or your business owns Mac devices in hopes of not ever having to deal with viruses, you have been misinformed! Macs do get viruses, and that threat is only getting bigger as technology develops even further.

In this article, we will focus on one common threat that all Macs face: the Trojan Virus.

The dangers of the Trojan Virus among Mac users

A Trojan Virus was named after the historical wooden horse disguised as a gift famously used to trick enemies by hiding an army in it. As you might have guessed, such a virus also disguises itself as something good, like an application or a downloadable file. Of course, its real intention is one of a more nefarious side! This causes users to either unknowingly download and install the software, thus compromising their device, or entering their credentials without the slightest clue that the information is getting stolen.

Back in 2011, a famous case of a Trojan Virus took plenty of Mac users by surprise. It disguised itself as “Mac Defender,” an antivirus software that was not an antivirus. With so many Mac users wanting to protect their computers, they downloaded it. Unfortunately, this caused a series of problems, such as constant pop-up ads that kept advertising the use of even more fake software.

How the Trojan Virus disguises itself

Other than disguising itself as fake antivirus software, there are so many different ways the virus can show up as something legitimate. For example, it can be embedded into a fake email from a long-time friend, it can show up as a free game, or it can take the form of a free gift voucher. 

As you can see, the possibilities are almost limitless, and it is because they show up at any time that people are easily caught in their grips and fall into their traps!

How to defend against the Trojan Virus

The best way to defend yourself and your business from the threat of a Trojan Virus is simple: education. 

Trojan Viruses always adapt to new environments, and when they get through your security layers, the most crucial layer to rely on is your employee’s wits. By telling them how such viruses work, how they look in various forms, and how to generally stay cautious on the internet, the risk of having their device and your business network compromised is reduced significantly.


Apple is doing their best to defend its users from viruses, malware, and more. However, they alone cannot defend against every threat. As such, you and your company also have a part to play in protecting your sensitive information and business. Putting in the effort to educate yourself and your staff is an excellent way to combat such a threat. 

That being said, utilising other layers of security such as antiviruses, firewalls, and the likes can all enhance your resistance from cyberattacks, keeping your company safer overall and ensuring you can proceed with your business without too much trouble.

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