The Signs and Causes of Imminent Power Supply Unit Failure

When it comes to power supplies for your computer, it is not a question of if they will fail, but when. However, the more important question is why they might fail. 

For some people, their PSU (power supply unit) might fail because it has reached the end of its life. For others, it can be issues like overheating or dirt that caused it to stop working. Regardless, a broken PSU will need to be replaced, and knowing when your PSU is about to fail is an excellent way to ensure that you are ready for it.

Why do power supply units fail in the first place?

As said earlier, some fail because they have reached the end of their life. Under normal circumstances, a good PSU can last about five years. Some can even last ten years. However, you can shorten its life if you regularly put heavy loads on the unit. 

A PSU can fail because of electrical issues, such as power surges, lightning strikes, brown-outs, overheating, foreign substances, and more. Many things can interfere with the PSU and damage its components, leading to breakage.

What are the signs of a failing power supply unit?

There are many signs that your power supply unit is about to fail. First, you may hear strange noises from the PSU. While the PSU will make some noise, any out-of-place noise is a cause for concern. 

Second, a surefire sign is the computer itself is not turning on, with a flashing light on the PSU indicator or the PC itself. Third, the computer does turn on but switches off after a few seconds. 

Fourth and finally, when you are using power-heavy applications like intensive computer games or video rendering software, the computer just shuts off, or you run into the blue screen of death.

Keep in mind that although the signs above can indicate that your PSU is reaching its end, it may be signs of other problems as well. For example, a computer that switches off only a few seconds after it has turned on can also point out a motherboard problem. A blue screen of death can also be caused by various other problems and not just a failing PSU.


PSUs do not last forever, and the same can be said about every component in the computer. While they are all built to be durable, they all have a limited lifespan that can shorten depending on your usage. Regardless, if you notice any problems with the computer, PSU or not, be sure to send the computer to a computer repair specialist. They will identify the root of the problem and let you know how they will fix it. 

They can also analyse the whole computer, looking for areas where problems may spawn and, with your permission, fix them. All in all, having an expert fix your computer is a great way to ensure issues are quickly solved to maximise your computer’s lifespan.

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