Computer Worm: Why Is it More Dangerous Than a Virus?

Adult hacker typing a virus on computer to break firewall

Did your computer suddenly freeze? Or perhaps, you notice a lag in performance. This can be annoying and can throw you into panic mode when you have so many things to do. When these things happen, the first thing people think is that their computer is infected by a virus. But it’s not always like […]

The Dangers of Trojan Viruses for Mac Users and How to Fight It

Macbook computer

For the longest time, people who owned Apple’s Mac product line have argued that they have picked the device simply because they did not have to worry about viruses or malware. In fact, many businesses of today rely on the Mac, believing that same claim! Even Apple themselves have made ads guaranteeing that their computers […]

3 Common Culprits That are Slowing Down Your Computer

slow computer

In an increasingly digital-driven world, most people constantly use their laptops or desktop PC in their daily routine. Whether it’s for personal exploration, entertainment, or work, children and adults alike have higher expectations of their computer’s performance since it’s heavily integrated into their lives.  While the older generation may have developed patience with slow-moving computers […]

4 Major Computer Viruses & How To Protect Yourself For The Future

virus on a macbook computer

In the digital world, viruses come in various forms. Some multiply itself in a computer to eat up its resources, while others lock up essential data to force the owner to pay up in hopes of recovering the data. Regardless of the type of virus, however, they’re all dangerous?and you want none of them to […]

3 Signs Your PC Needs Virus Removal – What to Know

virus on a macbook computer

In today?s digital age, it?s likely that most of your day revolves around and relies upon computers. Even if it doesn?t, you most likely use one on your off hours to communicate with friends and family, do personal tasks, access entertainment, and even accomplish chores. Whether you like it or not, modern life depends on […]

Email scams


Fake emails Ever noticed an email that doesn’t quite seem official? Cybercriminals often camouflage content they send, impersonating big companies such as trusted organis ations or banks. This is done to win their victims trust and acquire their personal data. This is called “phishing”. Smell something “phishy”? Phishing is an online scam. It usually is […]

The importance of a healthy Hard Disk Drive

why is a hard drive important

What is a Hard disk drive (HDD)? A hard disk drive acts as the temporal lobe of your computer. It is a spinning disk that stores your data in binary code using magnetism. This device stores the software of the computer including the files created by the software. These sorts of files include your pictures, […]

Keeping Your Computer Clean – Drive-by Downloads

protect against computer viruses

Have you ever downloaded something from the internet thinking it was from a secure website but ended up with a mountain of malicious programs and popups? The most likely cause for this is Drive-by Downloads. Somehow you’ve been tricked into receiving more than you originally bargained for. The internet is full of wild and wonderful […]