4 Common Computer Issues That Need an Expert Technician’s Help

Although computers are trusty and reliable devices that most people can’t live without, they can also run into several issues that can put them out of order when you need it the most. It’s possible to troubleshoot most of these problems at home, especially with a couple of Google searches and some forum-trawling. However, some issues are more complex than others, requiring technical skills and expertise to resolve. In these cases, you’ll need a computer repair technician.

Fixing these problems yourself is tempting, but one wrong move can end up bricking your laptop or computer. For this reason, it’s best to seek computer repairs in the Gold Coast to make sure you preserve your files and computer. Here are four issues that require the expertise of a computer technician:

1. The Blue Screen of Death

Also known as BSOD, this is the dreaded screen that often indicates a complicated issue to fix. When your computer screen suddenly turns blue, it means that the system had to shut itself down because of a severe problem, usually driver- or hardware-related. A STOP code often appears on the screen when this issue occurs, and you’ll want to take note of this so you can search it online to figure out what it means.

When you see the BSOD, don’t try to fix the problem yourself. Instead, call a computer repair technician to identify the issue by conducting a series of diagnostic tests. It’s a much faster and ultimately cheaper way to figure out what’s wrong with your computer without potentially worsening the problem.

2. Graphical Glitches and Errors

If your screen is a weird mess of pixels when you turn on your computer, you probably have a problem with your software. Something went awry with it, causing your screen to distort and make images appear incorrectly. Luckily, graphical glitches and errors are common problems, which means that you aren’t alone in this. A computer repair technician can swoop in and save the day by inspecting your computer.

They can also determine other possible causes of the issue, like a problem with your video card drivers, a possibly damaged monitor, and loose VGA cables. If you’ve tested your setup with a different monitor and the problem replicates itself, then you’ll definitely need an expert’s help.

3. A Malfunctioning Operating System

Computer repairs in the Gold Coast are the ones to call when your operating system isn’t acting the way it should. Whether it’s unresponsive or functioning abnormally, it very likely indicates that something is severely wrong, such as virus or malware infecting your computer. Expert technicians would recommend rebooting the entire system, as it will give the fresh start it needs by wiping everything out. When you do this, you’ll also receive a prompt to install anti-virus software. Still, it’s best to get a technician’s help in this to make sure you don’t make any costly mistakes.

4. A Blank Monitor

If you’re panicking because your computer monitor remains blank even after powering up the system, take a few deep breaths and contact computer repairs in the Gold Coast right away. Many causes can result in a blank monitor: a faulty connection between the screen and the computer, a malfunctioning graphics card, or something else. Contacting a technician is the best way to identify the problem since they have the skills and tools to troubleshoot the problem. In time, they’ll fix the issue, and you’ll have your computer back.


Computer issues are among the most inconvenient problems to experience, given our daily dependence on them. When these problems crop up, it can be tempting to fix it yourself so you can get it back to good working order again. However, it’s best to err on the side of caution, so be sure to call a computer repair technician to ensure a smooth fix of the problem.

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