How to Troubleshoot a Windows PC That Won’t Boot Up

Modern computers are powerful and are more reliable than they used to be, and Windows 10 is an operating system that has made using a Windows computer much more comfortable. Many newly built computers will run effortlessly for a long time provided that you take good care of the parts and don’t overexert effort onto its capabilities.

However, your PC will inevitably run into some problems over time, no matter how much you take care of it. Some of these issues can be a quick software issue fix, while others might be a more pressing hardware issue. Computers still aren’t perfect no matter how much they’ve improved, and there’s more you need to know about fixing one that won’t boot before you seek computer repair services:

Before You Throw Your PC Across the Room:

Before you get angry and throw the desktop or laptop across the room, consider the possible issues that it might be experiencing. Some problems are easily fixed by taking a few steps, while others will need computer repairs. If your computer isn’t booting up, it might have these signs:

  • A blacked-out screen
  • Error messages
  • An intermittent hard drive light
  • It powers on but doesn’t fully boot
  • No signal lights on your computer
  • Lack of sounds from the operating system

There may be other signs, but these are the most common and most basic things that can tell you something is wrong. Also, always remember that hardware issues are also possible, such as a faulty graphics processing unit, damaged RAM sticks, or even a loose connector wire. Depending on your computer’s age and if it was purchased second-hand, it might have more issues than others on top of what you’re experiencing.

Quick Fixes to Try

One way to find out if the computer is experiencing a unique issue is to check the power cables. Sometimes, it might have gotten loose, which will be fixed by simply plugging it back in snugly. If that doesn’t work, try another outlet or plug it directly into an outlet if it was on a power strip. Some issues arise from the PC power supply unit not getting enough power, leading to the inability to boot. Unplug all USB devices to see if these are sucking up energy because this is often a common issue on USB-loaded PCs.

If you have a graphics processing unit (GPU), plug the HDMI or Display Port cord into another monitor or TV to check if this is a hardware issue. If it still fails to display an image, this is an issue with the GPU’s hardware and may require repairs or a replacement. Also, try replacing the display cables to see if it’s just the cable that met the end of its life expectancy.

Check the Error Codes and BIOS Version

If your computer boots but fails to enter the home screen, this might be a time to check BIOS. BIOS will show you if you have damaged drives or components. Sometimes, a boot failure can be chalked up to faulty RAM sticks or a damaged operating system drive. If your computer has been unplugged or shuts off abruptly, this can cause damages to parts like the hard drive. Damages to these mean that the OS will fail to work correctly, causing the boot failures.

The OS in a faulty drive will need to be replaced, and this is where computer repair services can assist with hardware and software issues alike. If you bought a pre-built PC past its warranty, try not to open it up if you have no prior knowledge of electronics, as you may do more harm than good. Error codes can also be confusing, so professional repair services are often the best option for computers that don’t boot.


Computers are complex pieces of technology with a mix of both hardware and software. These components are durable and reliable in most cases, but people may inevitably experience different issues over time. Our personal computers aren’t invincible, and age will always start to show on its parts, so having a contact to do computer repairs will help with maintenance.

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