Try These Steps If Your Computer Won’t Turn On

One weekend, you’re savouring the two-day break from your work-from-home setup—and come Monday, you’re ready for a new week ahead. You press the power button and go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee. And, when you return, nothing’s happened to your computer. You start to panic until it dawns on you that your computer just won’t boot!

This is the horrors of horrors: your computer simply won’t turn on. Sometimes the screen is pitch black, but you hear your laptop’s fan working, or your keyboard is lit up, but everything else is still dead! Even worse, a black screen can’t tell you what’s exactly wrong. 

It’s beyond frustrating to encounter such a significant issue, even if you’ve done nothing wrong to cause your computer or laptop to malfunction. Before you lose any hope, try these steps when your computer doesn’t turn on:

Step 1: Check Its Energy Supply

When your computer fails to turn on at the press of the power button, you must check first if the plug is connected to a wall. If nothing happens after plugging it in, try switching wall sockets, as the problem may be with the power flow and not your device. 

The same goes for a laptop with a drained battery. First, check if its charger’s connected to a power supply or if it’s even turned on! Sometimes, boot issues come from the power source itself. So give these a try first before you panic-dial on your phone for assistance!

Remember, you can’t simply force a drained battery to come alive. When batteries are drained, it’s essential to give your laptop a few moments to recover. But if none of these steps works, you might want to get someone to check if internal cables are correctly connected. If the problem seems to be a little more serious, it’s probably time to take your unit to a service technician.

Step 2: Diagnose Hard Drive Issues

Given the chance that you’re able to turn your unit on, quickly check for any messages regarding disk errors. Your operating system will let you know if your hard drive is facing severe issues. If you do receive this kind of message, that’s when you’ll know that things are a little bit more complex. 

But don’t give up just yet! You may look into these problems by checking the boot order of your device through the BIOS or Open Firmware. Although, if you’re not confident in accomplishing this, have an experienced technician diagnose the problem for you.

Step 3: Confirm for Software or Hardware Problems

Crashes during the boot of your device could also root in software or hardware problems. Both Apple and Windows offer Recovery or Mac and Startup Repair, respectively. These will help you confirm internal issues and have a chance to recover and repair your device. But if this also fails, there’s no need to face the challenge alone. Let an expert address these troubles with you for an easier and stress-free time!


Complicated computer troubles get even the best of us! One day your laptop’s working fine, and the next day it isn’t. Without any explanation, we’re left with a powerless or damaged device. But it’s important to know that when you face serious technological problems, you shouldn’t wait! Seek professional help and get your computer to a fast and reliable repair shop.

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