How to Keep Your Business’s Internet Up and Running

Your Internet connection at your business premises needs to be strong, consistent, and accessible to all your employees. Unfortunately, many common Internet connectivity issues can affect your daily operations. As the business owner, there are ways you can ensure you have no offline days at the office, and we will tell you what those are.

This guide consists of three crucial tips that will help you provide high-quality Internet for your employees. Take this as an opportunity to maintain your productivity and possibly upgrade your operations if you can.

1. Check your router

Your Internet router is a crucial part of your Internet setup since it is the component that directs connections between the Internet and your office devices. If the router is damaged or just isn?t built to host all your office computers, it can greatly affect your business?s productivity and your reputation with your customers.

As such, you should check your router before the start of every work shift. Make sure that all the LED light indicators are working properly and that there is enough power. You can also reboot your router if you receive connectivity complaints from your employees. These router maintenance tips can be useful, but you may have to replace your entire setup when your business expands.

To effectively address router connectivity issues, you can call our Internet technicians at Mobile PC Pro to assess your current setup and make a comprehensive business Internet solution that is cost-effective and reliable. We also offer free quotes for your convenience. Through our professional assistance, you can keep your router running smoothly and stay productive as a business.

2. Inspect the ethernet cables

Ethernet cables or networking cables connect you to the Internet, and one issue can cause your whole network to slow down or cease. There are instances that a few ethernet cables are loose, but it can also be an issue with the service provider. It?s best to contact your local Internet service provider to ask whether there are service issues in your area.

Ethernet cables also get worn out easily, and you may need to have them replaced. You also have to make sure that you are buying the right replacement since your current Internet setup in the office may require a particular kind of cable.

At Mobile PC Pro, we can provide you with the Internet solutions you need to upgrade your current setup. We can enable you to make the right decisions regarding ethernet cable replacement and other related matters. Through our Internet specialists, you can ensure that your Internet connection is fast and serves its purpose.

3. Consider upgrading your office computers

Did you know that your office computer can affect your Internet connection? For example, you may have the fastest and most reliable Internet connection in all of Australia, but what is preventing you from enjoying it are the malware and trackers restricting your office computer?s performance.

To ensure your computers are at their best, you can contact our computer repair and upgrade specialists at Mobile PC Pro. We can provide you with the best business computer solutions to boost your productivity.


Internet problems within business premises are annoying to deal with and, unfortunately, common. However, you can have them fixed if you practice basic Internet troubleshooting and contact the right professionals to help you. Take note of all the previously mentioned information and keep your Internet connection strong and stable today.

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