How to Keep Your Business’s Internet Up and Running

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Your Internet connection at your business premises needs to be strong, consistent, and accessible to all your employees. Unfortunately, many common Internet connectivity issues can affect your daily operations. As the business owner, there are ways you can ensure you have no offline days at the office, and we will tell you what those are. […]

The National Broadband Network – NBN

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What is the NBN? Very simply explained, NBN is the new broadband internet technology currently being rolled out by the NBN to homes and businesses across Australia. Still a broadband connection, The National Broadband Network is a fixed internet connection, but in this case, it’s not copper. The main difference is that the NBN is […]

Networking and Connection


How do computers talk between one another? With the advancement of information and technology it is important to have a basic understanding of how your computer communicates through a network and over the internet. Generally speaking, a packet is the most basic unit that is sent from one point to another containing data, just like […]