3 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Work Computer

Your work computer is an essential part of your professional life, especially nowadays as you have to transition into mostly accomplishing deliverables from home due to the pandemic. Having an inefficient work computer can also lower your productivity. 

Fortunately, there are preventive maintenance tips that you can put into practice to avoid any complications with your daily work deadlines. All you need to do is keep reading to find out! 

This article will discuss three practical tips for your work computer. Take this as an opportunity to maintain your daily momentum with your job and keep your company happy as you complete everything on time and at the best of your ability! 

1. Install software that regulates your computer’s hard disk drive health

Most computer units nowadays have built-in maintenance software to regulate the device’s performance. However, you may not be doing anything to protect your computer’s hard disk drive (HDD)—a crucial component that stores most of your data. Unfortunately, not all built-in software has any features for HDD maintenance because it is often more specialised than the other parts of your computer. 

Fortunately for you, you can install HDD monitoring and analysis software that can diagnose and repair any HDD issues. For instance, each HDD has a health or life span according to its date of manufacturing and use. Once your drive is at low health, you can expect your computer to crash more easily. You can use your HDD monitoring tool to prevent any technical issues and avoid losing any crucial data. 

2. Clean your computer regularly and keep your workstation clutter-free

You should not allow your computer to get dirty, as dirt can gradually destroy the sensitive exterior parts, like the keyboard and trackpad. Having a dirty computer can also expose your device to pests, like mice and cockroaches, that like to be around unkempt surroundings and damage electronic devices. 

You should also observe cleanliness around your workstation, as your computer can also get contaminated by stains and debris. As such, you should have a dedicated cleaning kit for your laptop and workstation. You may also want to buy a protective cover and screen protector for your computer to avoid damage due to accidental food spills.  

Buy the appropriate electronic device cleaning solution and a microfibre cloth to avoid damaging your unit. That way, you can scrub your computer unit thoroughly and maintain cleanliness! 

3. Keep all your software updated

All the software installed on your work computer should be kept up to date to avoid any complications regarding use and performance. These updates are also useful in blocking out viruses through your firewall, allowing you to work on your computer uninterrupted. However, you should also be mindful of the kinds of software you are updating because some of them, while they may look legitimate, can disrupt your computer’s functionality. 

As such, consult with our IT specialists to confirm if the software installed in your work computer is licensed and properly installed. You may also look into upgrading your computer’s HDD capacity, the overall processing speed, the current operating system, and other vital components to enhance your work computer experience.


You may not know how to solve all the issues involving your computer, but at least you now have a working knowledge of preventive maintenance—a way to avoid technical difficulties during work. Remember all the previously mentioned tips and keep your unit running smoothly!  

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