Top 3 Common Misconceptions About Computers

We live in a time when we rely heavily on the abilities of our computers. Therefore, our computers must be able to deliver the best results and perform so powerfully to ensure that we make the most out of our purchase. After all, computers don’t come cheap, which is why it’s crucial to get the best one for you. However, many misconceptions are running around that could have you believe your existing computer must be replaced or that a certain model is better than the others. 

Don’t worry; we’re here to debunk these misconceptions. 

1. A Computer That Runs Slowly is Infected 

All the time, people assume their computer is infected with a virus when it runs slowly. Although this is a possibility, it’s not the sole reason your computer is running slow. Spyware or other malware can cause your computer to slow down.

Another reason your computer is slowing down is that it is loaded with so many programs that boot every time you turn on your computer. The solution to this is to remove or disable programs that start every time. 

If your computer goes into power save mode every night, but you haven’t rebooted it in a long time, then that could be another reason it slows down. 

When there are many programs running in the background, it can also slow down the computer. Also, a security utility that is running, like an anti-virus scanner, can slow down the computer. Therefore, you should let the scan finish first. 

Next, your computer may not have enough RAM to run programs; hence, it’s slowing down. Also, if your computer is old, then it’s probably time for an upgrade. Computers aren’t built to last forever, and certain software requirements need to be installed to make your computer perform at an optimal level. 

2. A Mac Doesn’t Get Infected

A common misconception among Mac users and buyers is that a Mac is the best solution because they don’t need to deal with viruses. The truth is, they do get viruses, but they are only less targeted than PCs. 

The reason for this is that there are more Windows users that makes them easy and more practical targets for cyber criminals. However, Apple is growing. In turn, the threat to Macs is growing as well. 

So, if you plan to get an Apple laptop because you think you’ll be safe from viruses, think again. 

3. Laptop Batteries Must Be Drained Completely Before You Charge 

Back in the days, this is true due to nickel-cadmium batteries that were used then. Today, laptops come with lithium-ion batteries that don’t suffer any memory effects any more. With that, you don’t need to wait for your laptop to die down before you charge it. 

In a Nutshell

Knowing these common misconceptions about computers can help make you a more informed decision whether you need to have it repaired or buy a new one. Computers, whether you get a Windows or a Mac, have their advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to your preferences and what option you think can make your life easier. 

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