Everything You Need to Know about System Interrupts

If you’ve ever randomly checked on your Task Manager, then it’s more than likely that you’ve encountered a process called “System Interrupts.” It’s also likely that you ignored it and let things be only to find that your computer has significantly slowed down. Considering that you’ve just encountered an unfamiliar process, it wouldn’t be a stretch to link these two events together.

Before you start scrambling to find a service that offers computer repairs on the Gold Coast, it’s important that you understand the cause for this and the possible fixes that are available to you. 

To help you out with this, we’ve put together a brief discussion on everything you need to know about system interrupts!

What Is System Interrupts

System interrupts are a windows process that acts as a representative that reports CPU usage that compiles all the interruptions happening on your system. 

While it may sound disruptive, an interrupt is just the communication between your hardware and software with your CPU. This is why these interrupts can stem from your software, hardware, and sometimes even the processor itself. Considering how it works, it makes sense why there are multiple interrupts happening constantly. 

What Causes System Interrupts to Use So Much CPU

System interrupts normally only use up an insignificant amount of CPU usage. However, there are cases where it will rise above 20%. Keep in mind that anything above 5% indicates that there is an issue and something has definitely gone wrong.

Luckily, there is a way to diagnose this issue. First, restart your computer. Sometimes this will fix the problem altogether, and you’ll see the CPU usage go back to normal. But if this doesn’t fix it, then you’re going to have to figure out which piece of hardware is causing the problem. You can do this by disabling external devices one at a time and observing which affects the system interrupts. Similarly, it’s important to remember that fixing this issue will fully depend on what the cause is in the first place.

How to Fix System Interrupts

If the issue is USB hardware, which it usually is, all you have to do is go into your Device Manager and disable USB Root Hubs. Unfortunately, this may also stop the external hardware from functioning optimally. For cases like this, you’ll need to have an alternative method of re-enabling them.

Another thing that you can try is to check your hardware drivers. You can do this by running a DPC Latency Checker, which will analyse whether or not your system can handle audio or video streaming. If there is an issue, it’s likely that a recent driver update caused it, so rolling the drivers in question back to a previous update should fix the issue altogether.

Lastly, the issue might be your BIOS version. The BIOS is the software that your system runs when you turn on your computer. All you have to do here is to find out your BIOS version by pressing the Windows key + R, type cmd and press enter. From there, you have to consecutively enter these two commands:

  1. systeminfo | findstr /I /c:bios
  2. wmic bios get manufacturer, smbiosbiosversion

If your BIOS version isn’t updated, just go to the manufacturer’s website for updates and follow the instructions on how to install the updates.


While they won’t always be an issue, it’s important that you know how to deal with system interrupts as they can significantly hamper your computer’s performance. Hopefully, this article proves to be useful if you do encounter any problems regarding system interrupts. If the fixes we’ve offered above don’t do the trick, then it would be wise to consult with a professional.

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