Computer Repairs: 4 Problems You Shouldn’t Fix Yourself

Everyone needs to have access to the internet in one form or another. While most people prefer using their mobile devices to access the web, nothing beats having a trusty laptop or desktop. Until mobile devices become the preferred option for business practices, these two computer variants will remain the best choice for formal digital transactions.

Determining Your Computer’s Condition

Computer owners need to have a certain degree of tech-savviness with the device they own. Similar to handling a car, a computer owner should understand basic repairs like defragging their devices or replacing hard drives. However, not all repairs are easily performed with an online tutorial. This is because some problems demand a higher level of expertise with IT processes and hardware knowledge.

In this article, we’ll share four computer problems you shouldn’t attempt to fix yourself.

1. Motherboard Failure

Component-level repairs are usually best left to professionals. For example, your device’s motherboard is the lifeblood of your computer’s hardware, so any damage to it will be incredibly difficult to diagnose. Since it’s a circuit board, you can’t exactly test for its damage unless you eliminate other parts like the video card or hard drive.

Even after determining motherboard failure as your computer’s issue, you can’t manually repair it yourself. You’ll need to disassemble your computer or laptop to replace it with a new unit. While it may seem simple to follow a video guide online, you’ll be in bigger trouble if you misplace parts or put them back incorrectly.

2. Laptop Screen Damage

While laptops are accessible and portable to bring anywhere, some hardware damage can be more complex than a computer’s. For example, modern laptop screens are extremely difficult to repair when broken. Since you’ll need to disconnect the battery to the screen instead of simply replacing the monitor, you’re at risk of compromising the motherboard accidentally. For this reason, any damage to your screen should be repaired with the right tools by a professional computer technician.

3. Laptop Battery Replacement

Laptop batteries are more than just your average AA batteries to power your entire device. Because of this, a faulty laptop battery requires expert repair and disposal. Since laptop batteries are hazardous products, your battery damage could be a sign of a leak of liquids or gasses. This is why it’s vital to have the right tools and expertise to remove and replace them.

Besides properly disposing of hazardous material, a professional computer technician will prevent further damage to your system. Since the leaking substances can compromise your laptop’s other components, it’s vital to remove them carefully to minimise your repair expenses.

4. Keyboard Replacement

Another component laptops are prone to breaking are their keyboards. Unlike desktops, keyboards are built-in into the system, making it difficult to replace a faulty component. This is common for laptop keyboards that receive damage due to accumulating dust or breaking through overuse.

While you can attach a mechanical keyboard to retain your keyboard usage, fixing your laptop’s broken parts is still important. Doing so will ensure that minor damage won’t spread to compromise other pieces of hardware.


Like any piece of machinery, computers can experience damage over time. It can be due to overuse or just the nature of owning an old device. For this reason, it’s vital to assess your computer’s condition to see if it needs expert services. Although some repairs are easy to fix, some complications require a professional touch to remedy.

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