Backups for your home or business

The importance of backups In this digital age data backups are imperative. Without data backups you run the risk of losing some, or even all, of your precious data. There are multiple ways of backing up your data and files. There is also options to only backup necessary files to avoid delays with speed on […]

Motherboard compatibility


There are many hardware components that make up your computer. One of the main components is called the motherboard. The motherboard acts as a connector for all hardware to connect to and communicate with one another. The motherboard allocates power and communication between the central processing unit, random access memory and any other hardware components […]

The National Broadband Network – NBN

NBN Logo Gold Coast

What is the NBN? Very simply explained, NBN is the new broadband internet technology currently being rolled out by the NBN to homes and businesses across Australia. Still a broadband connection, The National Broadband Network is a fixed internet connection, but in this case, it’s not copper. The main difference is that the NBN is […]

Should you make the move to windows 10?

upgrade to windows 10

Are you stuck deciding whether you should make the change from windows 7 to windows 10? Microsoft have announced that support for windows 7 will deplete by January 14, 2020. What does this mean?

Computer Cooling

cooling fan gold coast

Why is it important to keep a computer cool? Computers use electric impulses to function. The harder a computer works, the more impulses are sent through. Energy creates heat and impulses slow down as a computer climbs in temperature. This can cause impulses to not arrive correctly which can lead to corruption or crash. The […]

Email scams


Fake emails Ever noticed an email that doesn’t quite seem official? Cybercriminals often camouflage content they send, impersonating big companies such as trusted organis ations or banks. This is done to win their victims trust and acquire their personal data. This is called “phishing”. Smell something “phishy”? Phishing is an online scam. It usually is […]

Networking and Connection


How do computers talk between one another? With the advancement of information and technology it is important to have a basic understanding of how your computer communicates through a network and over the internet. Generally speaking, a packet is the most basic unit that is sent from one point to another containing data, just like […]

The importance of a healthy Hard Disk Drive

why is a hard drive important

What is a Hard disk drive (HDD)? A hard disk drive acts as the temporal lobe of your computer. It is a spinning disk that stores your data in binary code using magnetism. This device stores the software of the computer including the files created by the software. These sorts of files include your pictures, […]

Keeping Your Computer Clean – Drive-by Downloads

protect against computer viruses

Have you ever downloaded something from the internet thinking it was from a secure website but ended up with a mountain of malicious programs and popups? The most likely cause for this is Drive-by Downloads. Somehow you’ve been tricked into receiving more than you originally bargained for. The internet is full of wild and wonderful […]